Getting Everyone Involved

Involving employees beyond the marketing department in the social media strategy of a business is a difficult but worthwhile pursuit. Of course, having one centralized group of people dealing with this side of marketing is the easy way out – but is it the most effective? Or the most genuine representation of the company?

Company wide involvement creates a richer, more complete representation online with skills from a variety of departments, but takes time and training to get right.

social media for busFor the multiple voices to be effective, employees need to know how to be on social media in a safe and successful way. The info that results from this needs to be put back into the areas of the business that can use them in the right way. Info might not come into the right hands straight away, and it’s essential for customers to feel like their engagement with the company on social media is leading somewhere. What is happening with the feedback, suggestions and other info they’re giving the company via Facebook, Twitter etc?

One way to manage many employees being involved in the social media strategy of a firm is to have an eForum within the company. This can be a place to define how people should behave on social media, come up with strategic questions to put out in social media channels and resolve any issues that may come up.

The best way to establish this can be over time. Beginning with a few voices and expanding this gradually allows guidelines to be tweaked, systems to be established and examples to be created of what works.


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